What Scar Removal Treatments Really Work- 6 Factors To Consider Before Investing In One

What Scar Removal Treatments Really Work- 6 Factors To Consider Before Investing In One

There are 6 Factors to consider when looking for a scar treatment before buying:

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1. Ingredients!

Scar Treatment Natural Homeopathic Ingredients X Medical Ingredients

Ingredients are so key in your decision based on your personal scar goals and what you want to be absorbed in your pores. Are you looking to get rid of stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, chicken pox scars, burn scars?

For instance, if you only want to use homeopathic natural ingredients, from my research, I wouldn't have the highest expectations in results QUICKLY. if you are trying to get rid of some pretty heavy duty surgical scars and or heavy degree burns, in my personal opinion after doing my own research having some medical formulated ingredients [ingredients that aren't the easiest to pronounce] in your products as well if you are wanting quick results.

If it has ingredients that look unreadable like SymglucanPro-Coll-One+, or Pentavitin it's probably because they are more medicated ingredients and faster acting which tends to be more expensive. That being said, medical ingredients shouldn't be used on open wounds only when the skin is healed and no more signs of blood, scabs or stitches.

Also if you don't really plan on staying out of the sun and being super progressive about applying sunblock on the regular you really aren't going to have much results at all. The sun is the devil when it comes to scaring and discoloration. This I know from personal experience and with burn scars, the sun is the WORST but pretty much bad for all scars.


2. Company's Reputation

Scar Treatment Reputation- 6 factors to consider when investing in a Scar Treatment

This gets really tricky to figure out. In todays day and age, big companies have all money in the world to make sure their ads are above the rest even though their products aren't necessary better than the smaller companies and in return, just with basic math odds and end up getting a ton of reviews and they can even get rid of the bad ones. I did the work for you! Since creating my product, I understand the SEO and the marketing behind it all and I was able to look on many platforms to see what companies really have the right ingredients, the right amount of ingredients per bottle, and if there were misleading advertising. Here is an example: Mederma is one of the oldest, trusted, affordable and well-known scar treatments in the USA. To my surprise in my research, their first ingredient is h2o. Our skin loves hydration but are you kidding me? This is unacceptable in my research. It should be aloe vera or allantoin, or jojoba or medical grade silicone. I was floored when I read that. Yet, they are the leading scar treatment online.

3. Product Testing Results

Dermafface FX7 Product Testing Results- Dare-U-Go! Blog- Scar Treatment

Seeing real customer results definitely makes us want to invest more time into digging in further on a brand to see if the product is right for our own unique scars. Problem is, like myself, I got super skeptical and wondered if the pictures were altered and if they were infact real? Nobody knows how hard it is to trust a company for scars more than I do. My accident scars were INSANE and I needed results fast and I needed it to work. Period. Scar Treatments are expensive. It's really a tough decision knowing that marketing is out to win you as a customer and take your hard earned money. 

4. Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews- 6 factors to consider when picking a scar Treatment- Dareugo.com

This is a key source to really see how the customers feel about the product. This can also get tricky because after my insane accident, I also went online and bought products with the highest reviews by the companies that obviously have the most money for marketing which in return leads to ton of reviews. Big companies can always get rid/ or pay for more positive reviews online. A few products I bought actually didn't please me at all. They made me break out, or even my scars flame up. I was so confused. Scar treatments for the most part all have ingredient properties that help regenerate skin cells, so if any customer uses any scar treatment regularly they will see results because it will work with your body that is already trying to heal on it's own. It's tough. That's why I am here to help.

5. Cost Per Treatment/ How long does it last?

Cost per treatment- 6 Factors to consider before investing in a scar treatment- Dareugo.comSkeptical- Cost of Scar Treatment- 6 factors to consider before investing in a scar treatment

Nobody wants to get dooped!! I certainly didn't. Scar treatments can be super expensive and a lot of the time they just don't work. The question you really got to ask yourself circles back to the 1st factor which is: What is your specific scar? Do you want gradual slow results? Are you only open to natural & homeopathic ingredients? Are you open to medical ingredients for fast results which tends to be more expensive? Are you willing to stay out of the sun? [1st yr of a new scar needs to stay out of the sun. Period] Trust me. I worked super hard to keep my 3rd burns out of the sun. Burn scars tend to be much more pigment sensitive when it comes to healing and the sun.

6. Return Policy & Guarantee

return policy & Guarantee - 6 factors to consider before investing in a scar treatment- Dare-u-go

This is where throwing caution to the wind isn't that serious. Luckily, I'm going to offer you some of the top products I found which then hopefully this doesn't even matter anyway! You're welcome. If you do decide to use a product that I did not mention, do yourself an favor and make sure they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you are buying a product with only homeopathic ingredients, it needs to have a longer time frame of a warranty like 6 months. If it has ingredients that look unreadable like  Symglucan, Pro-Coll-One+, or Pentavitin it's probably because they are more medicated ingredients and faster acting which tends to be more expensive. That being said, medical ingredients shouldn't be used on open wounds only when the skin is healed and no more signs of blood or stitches.


I have had an endorsement with Dermafface FX7 & Skinceptions for roughly 7 yrs. They use my face [before my accident & after my accident] in their advertising. The cold hard truth is I USED IT RELIGIOUSLY during the healing process. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT/ AD. They did not pay me to do this. I wanted to find out for myself if they were the best, what is the best? what ingredients work the best and for what? The reason I decided to do this blog was because I constantly get asked what I used since my face scars are gone! All discoloration is gone. It was gone in a dramatically short time also. The accident happened Jan 19th 2013 and I went to the Grammy's and walked the red carpet on February 10th 2013 to just give you an idea of my healing progress. I couldn't really move my face or smile yet but not bad, right? 

Lisa D'Amato Grammy's 3 weeks after freak accident- 6 factors to consider before investing in a scar treatment- dareugo.com Dermafface FX7

That being said I think a few other factors contributed to my wolverine healing process. I had 3 degree burns on my forehead and chin and surgical scars down the side of my nose. 

Lisa D'Amato-Top Model- scar treatment- 7 factors to consider before investing in a scar treatment

 The products online after major research and personally dealing with the battle of achieving full recovery with two very different scar processes on my face being surgical and 3rd degree burns with no trace of appearance of discoloration in pigment I have 4 brands that I think you should highly consider;

1. Dermafface FX7 is the ONLY scar treatment that has its own Patented Peptide they call Pro-Coll-One+ which is one of its powerful ingredientsDon't know what a peptide is? yeah me either. Check it out HERE. Like I mentioned before, this isn't an ad. I never really knew why it worked so great on my face, I just knew it did. Took 7 yrs to fully understand why. They don't have heavy marketing campaigns and I guess they don't have to. IT WORKS. It's also a gel/ serum which absorbs the quickest in your pores than creams.

Ingredients also include:

Pentavitin – This is made from plants, and works to moisturize your skin while helping to heal scars. It binds itself to keratin, which is your skin’s own natural moisturizer.

Symglucan – This ingredient has been a proven help in healing scars more quickly by targeting wrinkles deep in the skin, to reduce the appearance of scars.

Pro-Coll-One – Pro-Coll-One helps in the synthesis of collagen.

Di-Panthenol – Also known as ProVitamin B5, this ingredient helps in healing skin and re-growing healthy skin. It has plentiful anti-inflammatory effects.

Vitalayer – Extracted from Vervain, Vitalayer is peptide-rich, and it promotes the healthy moisturization of skin to help reduce the appearance of scars.

Niacinamide – This active ingredient increases the lightness of skin to prevent the hyperpigmentation that may be caused by some other therapies for scar reduction.

Hydrolite 5 – This additional moisturizer enhances the functions of the other ingredients.

Allantoin – Allantoin treats dry and damaged skin. It also encourages proper moisturization so that skin can heal more quickly.

This product also contains verbena officinalis in an extract to aid wound healing; beta-glucan, which has anti-wrinkle properties; Acai extract which lessens wrinkles and fine lines; hydrolyzed soybean fiber to enhance the production of collagen. 

2. TCM Scar And Mark Removal: Here are their ingredients. To me it seems they have a lot of natural ingredients like Ginseng. Customer reviews love that it helps tremendously with inflammation and I like that it's a gel. Nothing too complicated in the ingredients that I could find but they do mention quite a bit that they have "many more ingredients" which is a bit of a red flag to me but customers love it so...take it or leave it.

3. Loshall : Their ingredients include: Centella: Commonly know as plant collagen  which can promote the generation of collagen in the skin. Hedychium Coronarium Oil: which can enhance physiology functions, activate cells, and has anti-aging properties and ingredients like rose oil and Arbutin which can prevent the production of melanin in the skin.  

This is a mask. So just be aware that it's not an apply and go. It takes time to dry and then peel off. Customers LOVE it and the results seem to be significant. 

4. Bio Oil: The majority of their ingredients are botanicals. I used Bio Oil and Skinceptions Stretch Mark Cream together in unison. Bio Oil is more preventative for stretch marks and can aid in minimizing the appearance of scars. I wouldn't expect them to do the heavy duty job that Dermafface did for my face scars but I love this company because of their transparency to its customer. They really earned my respect and their product did fantastic on preventing any stretch marks on my tummy. I literally have 0 stretch marks and my last baby was over 9 lbs! 

As far as their rep, they are highly praised as a natural company that does it's job well in what they advertise they can do. I give them 5 stars!

Hope this helps! <3, Mom

Lisa D'Amato


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