USA Homeschool Options During Covid 19

USA Homeschool Options During Covid 19

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone is staying safe and trying to stay positive. 

What a shit show, right? In the USA we are holding on by a thread. Who knew trying to care for other people would be so controversial in the USA? This couldn't be a sadder reality. That being said, I am here to help with figuring out some homeschool options for you. As a homeschool mom and a business owner I know how stressful doing it all can be. I'm sure you are asking yourself: "How the hell am I suppose to work and homeschool my kids? I have to have my kids go to in-person school so I can go back to work?" "If my kids go to in-person school, will they be safe?" 

With all of these valid concerns, I'd like to ease some of your anxiety! check out my VLOG

Here are my top 2 Private Homeschool Options in the USA: 

[Click Pics to learn more]

1. Time 4 Learning $19.99 a month 

2. is more for older kids! Pricing is based on the courses you pick. One fantastic source they offer is a breakdown of all the States laws on Homeschool. Click HERE.

Homeschool Lisa D'Amato homeschool mom

 Also if you'd like to learn a foreign language with your kids check out:

[click pic] as low as $6.95 a month if you sign up for 12 months. This would be 15 minutes a day. My kids and I will be learning Spanish while making lunch for us during the week in the kitchen together. 15 minutes is nothing when it comes to learning a foreign language as a family. Teaching my kids diversity and different cultures in our world are important to me. Seeing how the majority of our Country's  people during #BLM and #covid19 lack diversity and culture was such an eye opener to me. This is going to change in our family. learning a foreign language Lisa D'Amato

Feel free to comment any questions or concerns and I send you all love and light from Los Angeles, CA. 

Hope this is helpful and alleviates some stress when making the hard decision about further steps for the education for our little ones. We have no leadership in our country of the USA. I hope as parents, we can use this as an opportunity to become the strongest leaders in our own homes and provide structure, love and safety for our kids so they feel safe to thrive. 

Here is a trusted Homeschool Community that uses Time 4 Learning and she is a mom too! Her name is Christine. Click Pic below or copy link here:

 As far as the second half of my video vlog where I speak up about emergency crisis preparation in our homes with our kids here is a good resource Click HERE.

Lastly, if you know anyone that is having a hard time financially at this time, or YOU are someone that is struggling to put food on the table please text 'FOOD' to 877-877. There are people out there really trying to help you and your family. I am here trying to do the same for you. You are loved and your life matters. Click Pic to go to #NOKIDHUNGER

1-in-4 kids in the USA are starving. When this happens to our kids they are set up to fail. They end up with mental issues, social and behavioral problems, it is scientifically proven they have bad math scores and can also lead to them repeating grades. Worse case senario they end up hospitalized.

Please donate even if it's just a couple bucks. Anything helps. 

No Kid Hunger Lisa D'Amato Starving kids in the USA

Love, Mom <3 [Lisa]


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  • Mary

    Hey Lisa!

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve especially been thinking about homeschool because of obvious reasons. I really like the time4learning program that you mentioned and we are seriously thinking about using it for our kiddos. Is there anything else you did to legitimately homeschool? As far as registering with the state etc. ? And how to go about it ? Thanks again!

    Stay safe,

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