Lisa D'Amato- 46 million - most successful ANTM contestants ever- Top 10-

I've never been one to shy away from anything controversial or questionable. I understand the curiosity behind all of these recent articles. 

If you'd like to watch the Vlog I did with my cousin, it's clickable right here. She was curious herself. lol 

I know a lot of people know about my latest endeavor which is Dare-U-Go! It's a 5-in-1 solution to help parents feed their kids on-the-go. I appeared on Shark Tank with it and got a deal with Barbara Corcoran. Just the patent alone was a heavy investment for myself and my family and our business with my co-founder Emily Doherty. With Dare-U-Go! covering 5 different territories in the baby market which is evaluated at $121.7 billion, our territory covers way more than the 7% of that equation which is just a bib. 

I believe that our patent and what territory our product covers as a multifunctional product, we couldn't be prouder of our product but also just that alone is projected to be worth tens of millions alone and could reach up into the billions in just a couple yrs if it continues to grow steadily. I believe and am hopeful that one day, Emily and I will be able to say "I invented the Dare-U-Go!" and everyone will know what we're talking about. Emily and I will both be able to do that in time. I believe!! We are in 20 countries in 24 months, which I think is pretty impressive. We aren't stopping there either. We have big plans.

What people don't know about me is that I own a Smoke Shop and going on 9 yrs with it.  It is ran by our incredible managers Vanessa and Mike. Our smoke shop is a business of virtue. The truth is people have vices and vices aren't ever going anywhere. In order to help our community with their vices and the stigma that follows with owning a smoke shop, we have consciously decided to be incredibly transparent with our ethics. We also pride ourselves in offering alternatives to our customers that maybe less harmful or even products that offer healing properties. Our staff is super educated about our brands we offer along with being super woke about the propaganda of the industry and the government.

For instance, did you know 100's of millions of dollars are in anti vape pen campaigns but did you know there have only been 2,778 injuries reported in the US due to vaping. All of which are confirmed to not be attributed to any reputable company. All are from illicit dealers, or from the black market. Also all reported were of the age of 18-34. Those are all adults. Adults have to choice to learn about the product they are buying as well as consuming. We hold major liability in our products along with our reputable vendors.

The leading cause of death in the USA is heart disease. Peoples attention should be on the facts. Millions of people a year die from this. The LDL cholesterol that is in fast food along with fried foods, processed meats, and desserts is sold and eaten to babies, children, and families all day everyday. The FDA disregards the health of your family with low regulations even though the facts have been the same for decades. Thus why we created Dare-U-Go! To help families save money, while being able to provide a food storage unit with an air-tight seal so everyone can save money on home cooked meals along with knowing exactly what your feeding your child with your own ingredients. Did you know that just the food colorings and dyes that they put in french fries, or in the bun of a fast food burger to keep them looking perfectly colored is scientifically proven to aid in your child's behavioral issues and attributes to ADHD. That's horrifying.

Stay woke guys! Educating yourself is the smartest thing you can do in our Country. Here in the US,  you are set up to fail with the facade of freedom. 

As an entrepreneur I'm always trying to change the game by flipping it. I try to continue to do good work within my industries. There is still so much I want to achieve and I'm excited to see where I end up and how much of a foot print I can make. Sky's the limit! 

There you have it!






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