My Ketamine Infusion Therapy Experience | Lisa D'Amato

My Ketamine Infusion Therapy Experience | Lisa D'Amato

Hi Guys! Lisa here.

This blog is about our brain! woohoo!

We live life...our entire life between our ears! Through 6 Ketamine Infusions, I gave my brain a tune-up to open up my eyes, my brain and my heart to my LIFE. If you or anyone are struggling with your life, unhappy, want to be more authentic, cure your addictions, quit doubting yourself, gain courage, on a journey to gain confidence, want to be your best self, have healthier relationships, stop having suicidal thoughts, get over your PTSD, trauma, bad habits etc...the list goes on. Give me 13 minutes and 11 seconds and watch this:

Click: My Ketamine Experience

Lisa D'Amato Ketamine Infusion therapy Dr. Mandal Warren Gumpel Mike ZappyLisa D'Amato Ketamine Infusion Therapy Warren Gumpel Mike Zappy Dr. Mandal

Did you watch it? What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions? 

I also filmed my story telling of a couple more Ketamine experiences at the same time. If you guys want to hear them let me know. 

Hope you enjoyed and please share the video to someone you know that might really be struggling out there. I see you! I'm trying to pay it forward to save our lives!

Here is an awesome Apple Music playlist to enjoy during your errands, work, chores, whatevaaa!

I only have Apple Music. Here's a pic of the list too so you can download these songs on whatever music player you got.

Click: Hottie Tottie McMommy Playlist

Enjoy love u!






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