Homeschooling Vs. Public School

Homeschooling Vs. Public School

I homeschooled Daxel the 1st half of his Kindergarten school year. After Xmas break he walked into 1st grade in a public school and is thriving! I am a homeschool mom. Was a homeschool mom. I LOVED IT! So then why did I put him back into public school? Time. I just don't have the time to do it. When the kids are really young, it's very time consuming along with being really frustrating at times. I actually love just being his mom now. I think he likes it too!

Check out my personal experience and journey on why I ended up doing homeschool with Daxel and what my thoughts are on the topic of education, Montessori schools, discipline, structure, and even the psychology behind it all and how it really plays a big roll in your Child's education and should be a huge deciding factor on how your child gets educated. I did an interview with Sharzad Kiadeh where we have a "momversation" about the topic here.

Here are my personal pros and cons of Homeschool:


- No alarm clock

-learning can continue to excel and not go at the pace of a class room. [Daxel skipped a grade after doing homeschool for just a semester]

-Freedom to teach in your own creative ways

-Freedom to travel and schedule school around as you please.

-Have a different bond with your child. I can't explain it.. Some days it was such a beautiful experience to have with my son.

- Fully understanding the way your child learns! This was huge for me. I loved this.

-Knowing that your child is really processing the information because it's one on one.

-Being able to teach him every other hour so he can retain the info is also a blessing. I got to watch his little brain flourish!

-Knowing he is safe  at home....and out of reach of getting sick from other kids!

-He's not around possible bad influences

-Get to spend a ton of time together as a family



-Desiring alone adult time

-Wanting to just be his mom [Not his teacher too]

-Falling behind on my other work

-My son wanting to play with kids every single day. [Homeschool has so many social options weekly but he wants to play in a playground everyday]

-Public school has a lot of independent structure for kids. Kids must be brave in that sense. At home he doesn't have to test himself in those independent social experiences daily with his peers.

-I felt like I was always on him about everything because I was his mom and his teacher. Now that he's back in a public school, our relationship got to relax a little. It's nice. 

-Somedays were great and Daxel would learn with me and it was such a magical day but there would be bad days where he didn't want to listen to me at all because he was still mad I made him clean his room or something. Playing both roles was definitely taxing to my heart and my patience. 


To learn more from other parents perspectives, check out my board on this topic  on my Pinterest

This a good read also of some good Pros and Cons. 

Big thanks to Sharzad Kiadeh for having me on her youtube channel also. 

Moral of the story is to remember each kid is different and so are the parents. There is a lot of psychology behind this topic. Daxel thrived in homeschool with me because I think I helped him process information the way his mind wanted to. I was able to guide that. He now has the confidence to continue in that path. I loved learning the way he learns! For example, he's very visual. If you just tell him information, he's not grasping it. When we do math, we would use blocks so he could take 3 away from 10 and then count 7 left. Now that he knows how to figure out a way to get the answers. He knows now what questions to ask the teacher. He knows how to change around a lesson to fit his learning style. I watch him do it on his own now all the time. 

Daxel is in 1st grade in a public school. He LOVES it! He is thriving in class and he loves playing with his friends at recess everyday. I love that he loves it. We also loved homeschool for so many reasons too! 

Do what is best for your child and your family.

Love, Lisa







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