EASTERN VS. WESTERN MEDICINE- Benefits of Cupping & Other Natural Wholeness Medicine

EASTERN VS. WESTERN MEDICINE- Benefits of Cupping & Other Natural Wholeness Medicine

If you'd like to watch instead of read you can on my VLOG.
I had the pleasure to talk with Lindsey Kay  about her business Urth Wellness. It was eye opener! I wanted to understand what the difference was from Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine and what I or my family could benefit from Eastern Medicine methods. I was shocked!! My husband and I could both benefit form it. Our kids can too! We all can. 
I personally don't have any type of chronic pain so didn't think that I could benefit from any of this but I was wrong! Did you know that with Eastern Medicine body work, dietary therapy, exercise you can literally never get sick ever with the likes of a common cold or even the flu? This is life changing work!! 
Eastern Medicine Vs. Western Medicine is really a subject to investigate. I was shocked to find out so many benefits even for those that don't have big issues with their health. I think in todays day and age, we go for the quick over the counter remedy with the thought of swallowing a magical pill to escape pain. These pills may take the pain away for a few hrs but did you know you are poisoning your body when it isn't even necessary. 
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Lindsey did cupping on me and my husband Adam. You can watch: VLOG. My husband Adam has chronic back pain and takes pain meds everyday for this. Just cupping alone brings the blood to these painful areas which then eliminates pain on its own. It also lasts for days which seems heaven sent!! is this even real? Adam felt no pain afterwards and still felt great days after the cupping. I would love to get Adam off pain meds. Knowing that this is a real option is mind blowing!
We are buying the cups and Lindsey is going to train Adam and I to do to each other! She can be your trainer wherever you are which is also super cool.
I didn't think I had much to gain from the cupping myself but when she started to do it on me it turns out... I was wrong! I was just getting better from a cold/ flu also. Cupping releases all the toxins in your body which ultimately if doing regularly can actually help you to never get sick at all. Ever! 
So many other benefits as well like improves digestion, aids in healthier skin, mental health, women's menstruation, insomnia, the list goes on.
Healthline did a story on it also. 
As a mom, a wife, a friend, a women in this fucked up world, I like to share good stuff with my community. This is good stuff guys. If you can benefit from Eastern Medicine and possibly trade in some of our Western medicine ways I think that would be smart and healthier for all of us as a whole. We need our mind, body and soul to all be clean and clear and on the same page not just for ourselves but for each other also.
I'm glad I took the time to understand more about Eastern Medicine with Lindsey. We can all use a little more Eastern Medicine and a little less of Western in our lives as a conscious human in society. Less chemicals in our body means less chemicals in our mind. 
Eastern Medicine FTW!
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