When Daxel was going to turn 2 I was super excited! For me at the time, I hadn't slept for [pretty much] the entire two yrs. I was so excited he was getting older because it showed promise that I'd be getting some sleep soon also he was taking in full sentences and it was just so adorable. I was also VERY excited to do a birthday theme that was original and didn't include  pre-packaging like that you'd get at a party store. 
My entire life I have been super crafty. Becoming a mom made this crafty niche extra fun for me. I started going on Pinterest for all types of creative ideas like all moms tend to do. I entered in the search bar "Fun DIY Birthday Themes" and I got some pretty interesting ideas.
After scrolling for minutes passing tons of Disney ideas and Looney Tunes, and princess, and pirate themes, I saw a pin where a group of kids were watching a movie in a living room with balloons everywhere sitting in bare boxes holding popcorn. On the boxes were drawn tires to make them look like little cars. I immediately thought "this is it!" It was the only picture I saw of this idea of a drive-in movie and I knew I would bring this idea to life making it a 60's theme kinda like the movie Grease.
Daxel's 2nd birthday party theme was ready to be designed! Daxel is 6 now so this was 4 1/2 yrs ago! Back then, this idea wasn't pinned a lot on Pinterest but now I see it has grown tremendously. It's impressive! I added a bunch of others pictures of this idea that have chosen this theme through the years also on my pinterest board. Take a look. 
Daxel and I had a ton of fun creating these little cars together. All you need is:
My husbands cousin Mike has a Event Production Co called G&C Event Productions so he lent us a popcorn machine. We also borrowed our neighbors movie projector and the back drop and the party was lit in a snap before you knew it. The cost of this party was basically nothing too! I had found this fun dress shirt at a garage sale a week prior which I thought was meant to be considering it had Twiggy on it- so perfect! I also found this weird hat at a vintage store too. We were ready to celebrate.
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