So I went to this pop-up event on Saturday night from my next door neighbor inviting me. It was amazzzingg! At first I kinda looked at the flyer gif this gonna be like a cry circle for girls that feel super defeated in life then it turns into us smashing plates with tons of anger? Before judging, I knew I wanted to read more about the event but kept getting distracted through the week. As the date approached, Tara [my neighbor] was like scroll down women and read it all! There is a ton of stuff!! It is RAD! A DJ, dancing, tarot card readings, elixirs, sound baths. I was in. I bought my ticket asap. There were only 17 tickets left that morning actually. Infact, I sent Brannon [my executive assistant] the link and she bought her ticket in 3 minutes. lol I posted it on my facebook too and a lot of DM's came in about it but they were too busy to go. 

This event was a celebration! 

women breaking plates Lisa D'Amato Blog

Tara, Brannon and I had a ladies night and it was AMAZINGG!!! To check it out click my youtube VLOG.


Women Breaking Plates is an event that pops up in Cities in the USA. It has tons of healers like Tarot card readers, Angel Oracle card readings, Reiki healers, healing stones, elixirs, Dj, dancing, BREAKING PLATES too [obviously] that have your own messaging to yourself to break a habit or a way of thinking, a punching bag, sound baths, cupcakes and cookies and painting. I loved it so much! It was like being a part of something I've always craved but never knew it and loved it so so much.

I have never in my life ever experienced something so powerful and accepting FOR women and created by women. It was 4 hrs long and it felt like it lasted an hour. It was pure unity in the female form. I'm born and raised in LA, CA so women don't celebrate eachother like this. It's competitive where I'm from. Truly though, women hold the power of our Earth! We are made from her and should support one another. We are the most power being on this planet. I felt full when I left. Full of love, acceptance, powerful, understood, happy, and most of all couldn't wait to do it again. Hopefully, I can be apart of one not only as a guest but possibly a host or help sponsor one....I don't know. All I know is women need this. It needs to be everywhere! There needs to be more and I want to help. It was beautiful. Thank you Aria Tru. I hope I cleaned the paint brushes good enough. [People were waiting for the bathroom] lol

Aria Tru Lisa D'Amato Women Empowerment Women Breaking plates                                   Aria Tru- Founder - Women Breaking Plates

                                                 To all the healers,

                                           YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!:


Sheila O'Donnell - Angel Intuitive IG: @angelsheshe

Shannon Kobes - Certified Akashic Record Practitioner IG: @indigo.intuition

Gina Skye - Mindset Mastery | Sound Work IG:  @soundbathhaven 

Alexandra Lojek - Alternative & Holistic Heath Service IG: @coraldragon 

[I want to tag all of them specifically but I have to go to bed] lol

Rosalie McIntire - DJ | Sound designer IG: @letterkisser



IG: @womenbreakingplates

IG: @lisa_damato 

Love you guys! Bye <3,


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