5 Factors to Consider before buying a Silicone Bib for your little one...

5 Factors to Consider before buying a Silicone Bib for your little one...

In order to improve and really understand where Dare-U-Go! ranks as far as our own brand and the important factors to consider when choosing a bib we have a lot to be mindful about. I love our product! It's a fantastic 5-in-1 but that doesn't mean you can't love another bib. I actually feel terrific with the results I found after researching 20 other leading brands.

These are the TOP 5 Factors:

1. Washability: Hand wash only, wipes clean on-the-go, dishwasher safe.

Bib washability

2. Material /Toxicity: [MOST IMPORTANT]:

Silicone, Quality silicone, "top notch" silicone, food-safe silicone, FDA food grade silicone, BPA Free, TPE free, PVC free, cadmium free, lead free, antibacterial, food-friendly material, latex "state of the art production process", "strict quality control"?.... 

The play on words when searching the material on all our favorite brands is quite shocking considering it is getting used by our bundles of joy daily and our kids food is touching these products then ingesting those bites afterwards. There are some alarming facts. Here's some links to further read of toxic materials found in "non-food- grade silicone" bibs like TPE, PVC, BPA, Cadmium and lead.

3. Size: 6-12 months, 6-2 yrs, 6 months+ [What is the actual life span of the product you are purchasing because our little ones grow so fast] As far as our eco-system is concerned as well, our landfill can not withstand the amount of toys and baby products that have a short life span anymore. Sustainability in what we offer our kids and buy for them to use is a direct reflection of the world we are leaving them with. It important to be conscious of this more now than ever.

Here is a good read from the Huffington Post  and Plasticsle Mag to speak further on it:

4. Best Fit: Is it comfortable, adjustable, move with them, best for your lifestyle. 

5. Additional Features: Does it roll up, comes with 2, kids love it, mom loves it, fun colors, fun patterns, 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1, fits your budget, long life span, satisfaction guaranteed, comes with a utensil, fits nicely in your bag, for on-the-go, for travel. 

Check out our 20 leading brands on the market now. Here is there safety rating and toxicity chart below. When looking at the chart below notice brands that have less stripes going up. Their columns aren't very thick. I would steer clear of these brands personally. I included additional features to show benefits for todays ever changing busy lifestyles with women's consistent growth in the work force and being inspiring leaders in our economy. Here's a good read on this topic.

Brands that do really well on this chart besides Dare-U-Go! include Kiddo Feedo, WeeSprouts, Otterlove, Bumpkins [Short life span product but a quality one]. 

Dare-U-Go!, Skip Hop, Bumpkins, Mushie, Oxo, Otter love, Keababies, Kids N Such, Tommee Tippee, Way Uv Life, Happy Healthy, Lope & NG, Panda Ears, Comcl, Natural Bond, Cos2be, Kiddo Feedo, Weesprouts, YMCF, Syntus.

Hope this helps and can be a quick one stop shop to learn a lot in a quick brief with my blog topics. May the force be with us. 

If you'd like to just watch me brief you on it. It's on my youtube also right here. Please subscribe. I got all types of goodies coming soon that are super informative.

And Dare-U-Go! :-P [see what I'm doing here. lol]

-Lisa D'Amato

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